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Most individuals and families would think twice about buying a house with a termite infestation history. There are fewer things that can strike fear into a homebuyer’s heart than termites. And no wonder: these wood-eating pests cause terrible property damage to the country’s buildings at the cost of $5 billion every year. This figure is

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Depending on your geographic location, the requirements to become a practicing real estate agent are relatively similar.  For example, one basic requirement that differs from state to state is the age of eligibility.  In some states real estate applicants must be 18 years old to be qualified, where other states the prerequisite is 21 years

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A career as a  real estate agent is a profession that has once again become a popular choice  in last few years and grabs the attention of most  people. In this profession, the good thing is that no special degree program or training is needed. You can change your mind or make your decision to

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It is a well-accepted fact that buying a new home for your family is always a tough task to complete. Many people try to find the best and most suitable house for their family; however, in doing so, they have to face different issues. These issues make the overall home-buying experience a lot more nerve-racking.